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Sunday, March 30, 2008

gin in my apron pocket.

So, I am such a blognovice it is pathetic. As I have stumbled across and around blogsites, pretty much by accident or sheer nosiness I came across blogher.com. Of course I'm sure you all know all about it. whatever.

Anyway, somehow I found a blog featuring one of my favorite subjects. Gin. People who know me know I love to date Mr. Hendricks around gin:thirty.

Who knew gin could be optimistically associated with weight loss and self-improvement? well well well. I found a loose-knit group described as MILFs who have done just that. Picture MILFs around the world banding around a common cause ... self-improvement via tiddly.

Okay. So I realize it isn't EXACTLY about the gin. But about the self-improvement. So since I helped myself to the link and the image (I checked first ... so did at least three other people), I guess I'll share a bit of whatever lame attempts I make to improve my outer appearance. After all, this entire blog is supposed to be about reinventing the inner me.

So did I tell you guys that I've started doing yoga. Well, yeah it is home-yoga. But yoga nonetheless. Five warm-up poses and five themed poses. Every morning. every week-day morning. pretty much.

Cheers! (reaches for apron pocket).


Anonymous said...

see Fry you can comment!

Lotta said...

Welcome! I added you to the list and can't wait to read more.